GOTCHA! How Hillary Clinton's Campaign Played Donald Trump's New Team Like A Fiddle

GOTCHA! How Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Played Donald Trump’s New Team Like A Fiddle

The Trump Campaign Is Seeing Deep Red, And That’s A Major Gaffe

That laughter you hear in Brooklyn isn’t coming from skinny-jean-clad hipsters at a Cohen Brothers film festival. It’s actually coming from the top floor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters as operatives realize Donald Trump has played right into their hands. Due to a series of polls showed that Clinton was defying expectations in traditionally red states, the campaign sent signals that they would be actively competing on GOP turf.  Consequently, Team Trump felt the need to play defense.

And that’s exactly what the Clinton campaign was hoping for. As Politico points out:

After weeks of Brooklyn telegraphing a competitive race in traditionally red states and making public moves that look like initial investments — boosting staff, holding fundraisers, and promising more investments — Trump is now campaigning in Arizona, which has voted Republican in 15 of the last 16 elections, while his running mate goes to Georgia, a state that’s gone red in seven of the last eight cycles.

That’s a deployment of precious resources away from swing states that Trump must win to make the Electoral College math work in his favor.

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Given that this is only the fifty-eighth presidential election in United States history, one would think a campaign would be clearly cognizant of the electoral college. Then again, it seems like the Trump campaign isn’t cognizant of much when it comes to Presidential politics.  For a candidate who breezed through his primaries, the transition to the general election has left him stupefied.

Clinton Shows No Sign Of Changing Strategy

If it’s become so apparent that Trump will take the bait, why stop fishing? The goal, after all, is to get to 270 electoral votes. If the GOP is going to concede swing states, Brooklyn should stay the course. More from Politico:

Clinton’s camp is now intensifying the effort to spread him thin — a push that has already landed running mate Tim Kaine in a handful of red states, put both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in Atlanta to raise money for the Democratic nominee this month, and seen the campaign join the Democratic National Committee in circulating a direct mail piece — obtained by POLITICO — in Utah, a state that has voted for every Republican nominee since Barry Goldwater.

Every dollar that Trump doles out in Utah is a dollar he’s not spending in Ohio. Every minute that Mike Pence spends in Arizona is time away from Florida. It’s not to say that the Republican is ignoring the battleground states completely, he’s not. But you don’t need a Ph.D. from the Kennedy School of government to know that if the GOP loses Georgia, it’s losing the election. If Clinton captures Arizona and Utah, we’re looking at a landslide. All of which would literally make Donald Trump one of the biggest “losers” in American history.

That, my friends, is what we call “Poetic Justice”.


Featured Photos by Scott Olson/Getty Images News

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