GOP Lawmaker's Psycho Rant About Handouts Is Pretty F*cking Ironic, As It Turns Out

GOP Lawmaker’s Psycho Rant About Handouts Is Pretty F*cking Ironic, As It Turns Out

GOP Senator Needs A Lesson In Irony

Chris McDaniel, a GOP lawmaker from the bright red state of Mississippi, has lost his mind over what he terms “radicals” who, according to him, only want “free stuff.”

He began his unhinged whine on Sunday. Apparently, McDaniel is incredibly offended at the millions of people who exercised their first amendment right this last weekend and voiced, loudly, collectively, beautifully, their displeasure over the inauguration of Donald Trump. Taking to heart Hillary Clinton’s battle cry that women’s rights are human rights, both women and men joined together in cities on every continent to show their support for women’s rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and disabled rights.

He first expressed his displeasure by attempting to be dismissive.

It’s an old, tired jab from the right. They just can’t seem to come up with anything new. And it also seems beyond them that people might be concerned for others beyond themselves. But the march was an undeniable success. And it made McDaniel sad. In a hysteria-tinged post, he attempted to dismiss millions of Americans who believe in this crazy idea of equality as “radical.”

His second Facebook post read:

But that wasn’t enough of a rant for McDaniel. He grew even more triggered as people swarmed his post, expressing their displeasure.

He sounds mad. Why so mad, Senator McDaniel?

Here’s Why Senator McDaniel Is So Mad

As the undeniable, history-making success of the Women’s March dominated the news cycle and changed the mood of the country from one of despair to hope and challenge, many Republicans deflected and downplayed the impact and importance. But Senator Chris McDaniel of Mississippi certainly seems almost obsessed with it. His anger, thinly veiled behind a mean, weak attempt at humor, spills out with every word. “Radicals.” The dismissive “you love free stuff.” The idea that women were marching not for human rights but for the “‘right’ to violently end the lives of their unborn,” trotting out yet again a tired, silly, anger-and-hate-filled claim from the right…By the way, can you all please come up with some new material?

Anyhow, it seems Chris McDaniel, representing that great state of Mississippi, needs a lesson in irony.

Because when it comes to “free stuff,” his state takes the cake.

And by “cake,” I mean his state takes the largest share of federal funds.

So, Senator McDaniel, let’s take a look, shall we?

Senator McDaniel’s State – By The Numbers

According to the Tax Foundation, Mississippi is taking a load of free stuff from the government. The largest share, in fact. The biggest piece of free pie in the country. In fact, when McDaniel takes to his Facebook page like an overwrought teen to make his hypocritical lament about takers, he is talking about his own constituents.

“Mississippi obtains 45.3 percent of its total state general revenues from the federal government (the largest share in the country). Also on the high end are Louisiana (44.0 percent), Tennessee (41.0 percent), South Dakota (40.8 percent), and Missouri (39.4 percent).”

Source: WalletHub

Huh. Odd. Many of those states are red.

In fact, blue states have an average rank of about 17 on the whole “who takes the most” scale, versus an average rank of over 33% for red states. Funny. It seems like all those Republicans hollering about welfare might want to take a good hard look at themselves. In particular, Senator McDaniel may want to rip himself away from his Facebook updates and study up.

In addition to receiving the most federal dollars, Mississippi also produces the lowest Gross Domestic Product per capita, as well. It ranks 46th out of 51 for education. Oh, and was also ranked as the unhealthiest state. And congrats! Mississippi scored the second highest for teen pregnancies in the nation!

What’s Wrong With Mississippi – And What Is Senator McDaniel Doing To Fix It

So, what is going on with the red state of Mississippi? Well, it seems as though while their elected officials, such as Chris McDaniel, play on social media, it suffers from some serious socio-economic issues. It has the nation’s highest rate of poverty, for example, as well as one of the lowest income rates in the country. As of the most recent data, the median household income in McDaniel’s state was $39,860, compared to a national median of just under $54,000. And no one predicts any change for that state anytime soon.

Having their senator rail against women on Facebook instead of actually working probably doesn’t help much.

But here’s the truth. Blue states don’t mind that red states take the lion’s share of federal dollars. To many, that represents a child fed, a family housed, a young person accessing higher education, a family being given a hand-up, another teen pregnancy prevented, another working man having access to healthcare. These are the reasons why blue states are blue, after all.

But we find it ironic that those who moan the most about liberals wanting free stuff are so completely unaware (or simply hypocritical enough to ignore) tend to live in the very states that get the most free stuff.

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So, Senator McDaniel, keep up  your taxpayer-funded rants about handouts, while knowing your state has the biggest, neediest hands of all. Apparently, you find your status “likes” to be more pressing than actually enacting any policy to help your impoverished constituents.

But manners would dictate you would at least say “thanks for all the free stuff!” every once in awhile.

(Oh, and by the way – you’re welcome.)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Samantha was born and raised in the Midwest and is proof that liberals exist everywhere, even in Missouri.