Legendary Diplomat Madeline Albright Just Gave Trump Flunkie Devin Nunes a Big 'F' You

Legendary Diplomat Madeline Albright Just Gave Trump Flunkie Devin Nunes a Big ‘F’ You

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright was the first woman ever to hold such high office, but she was born Marie Jean “Madlenka” Korbel on May 15, 1937, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Just a year later in 1938 Hitler and the Nazis dissolved Czechoslovakia, and the Korbels converted from Judaism to Catholicism (Albright is an Episcopalian). But still the family fled the Nazis, and Albright’s Father served in the Czech government in exile from London, England, where the young Albright and family endured the worst of the infamous Blitz. In fact, Albright was one of the children who could be seen in a documentary about war refugees trapped in the carnage in London.

Her family eventually returned to Czechoslovakia and her Father ultimately became the Czech Ambassador to Yugoslavia. But in 1948 Czechoslovakia underwent a communist coup, and Albright’s family had to flee rising totalitarianism for the second time, this time setting in Denver, Colorado.

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She became a United States citizen in 1957, and two years later earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley, with honors. She continued her education, however, much longer than most people, earning a Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1968, and nearly 20 years after becoming a citizen, she earned a Doctorate in Public Law and Government from Columbia.

She then served as Chief Legislative Assistant to Senator Edmund Muskie (D-ME) for two years, before moving to the White House staff in the Carter Administration, and then to the National Security Council, working with legendary National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.

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In 1993 Albright was confirmed as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, clearly America’s most crucial Ambassadorship. Four years later she was sworn in as the 64th Secretary of State.

In her historic tenure as Secretary of State, Albright oversaw the expansion of NATO which marked the US victory in the initial Cold War, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization spread east into former Soviet Bloc countries, pushing back the so-called “iron curtain”. She beat back the threat of nuclear proliferation from former Soviet Bloc countries into rogue states as the former USSR fell, expanded free market trade around the world, helped heal the wounds of the Vietnam War by normalizing relations with Vietnam and resuming commerce. And she was one of the first international political leaders to acknowledge the dangers of climate change, and fought for the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

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In 2012 Albright was awarded the highest civilian honor in American life, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Barack Obama.

In 2016 Albright became the Chair of the Hague Institute for Global Justice at the Hague, and the honorary chair of the World Justice Project. Making Albright one of the most influential international figures in the world advocating for the rule of law. And today she’s a professor at Georgetown University in the International Studies Department, easily the most influential collegiate politics and diplomacy program in the world.

And she just flunked Trump’s flunkie on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes.

That’s right, Nunes. That’s a big F to you…

Watch Madeline Albright on the Trump Presidency:

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