Trump Tried To Take Credit for Building the Panama Canal - Twitter Destroys Him

Trump Tried To Take Credit for Building the Panama Canal – Twitter Destroys Him

Twitter users give Trump a history lesson

When President Donald Trump met with Juan Carlos Varela, president of Panama at the White House Monday, he made a ham-fisted attempt to break the ice — by bringing up the Panama Canal.

As in:

“The Panama Canal is doing quite well,” he said as cameras flashed during his meeting with Varela. “I think we did a good job building it, right?”

Varela’s answer was quick and tinged with a tiny bit of shade: 

“Yeah. One hundred years ago.”

But Trump is a clueless fool, so of course this was lost on him, and he responded:

“We did a very good job.”

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However, Trump’s inane comments weren’t lost on Twitter users, and once again they rose to the occasion.

Comedian John Fugelsang delivered one of the funniest retorts:

Others made fun of Trump’s seeming lack of knowledge regarding U.S. history, notes The Washington Post. 

Some Twitter users also seemed to think Trump didn’t do his homework before the meeting.

Others think Trump plays word association and echoes whatever pops into his big ol’, empty cranium.

Others just wanted to poke fun.

And really, who can blame people for mocking Trump? He’s like that drunk, obnoxious party-crasher who just won’t go home. And probably won’t remember what he said the night before.

Photo by Molly Riley- Pool/Getty Images

H/T to Elyse Wanshel and The Huffington Post

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