Trump's Sunday Tweet About His Approval Rating is Complete, Total, Delusional Horsesh*t

Trump’s Sunday Tweet About His Approval Rating is Complete, Total, Delusional Horsesh*t

FACT: Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest 6-month rating in decades

Donald Trump was up early this morning, using twitter in an  attempt to deflect new poll numbers that show him as one of our country’s worst presidents. A new poll has the president at a 36% approval rating, a whopping disappointment to anyone whose self-aggrandizing opinion still relies on facts. In Donald Trump’s world, however, a 36% approval rating is a tweet worthy result.

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That’s a 6 point drop in approval since the president’s 100 day mark. In a nascent term that’s been plagued by missteps, aggression, foreign interference and amateurism, Trump sees no flaw or folly in the low rating. To put the numbers into perspective, Barack Obama’s approval rating at the same time  was 59 %. That’s truly  ‘not bad at this time’. Recent developments including Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with high level Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya during the campaign my have helped tug at the poll numbers. But the president wasted no time this morning placing the blame squarely on others, including Fake News and, in a way, old rival Hillary Clinton.

A bumbling Healthcare bill, weakened foreign relations and a president who look’s like he’s a kid at the adult table –these are the ingredients for plummeting poll numbers. Less than a quarter of those polled preferred the Republican healthcare plan to Obamacare and a majority of those polled said they didn’t trust the president in his relation with Russian president Vladimir Putin. But still, according to our president,  it’s the media that is responsible for the crumbling of America.

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According to Trump, the media has given a false  meaning to democracy. The poll numbers must be false as well. Except he accepts them at face value in his Sunday tweet and makes a delusional attempt to spin it in his favor. ‘Distorting’, is a strong word. Distorting is defined as ‘giving a false, perverted or disproportionate meaning to’. He could have equally accused the media of reporting ‘alternative facts’. But someone else has cornered the market on that term. Perhaps these poll numbers have a much simpler explanation than a vast media conspiracy against Trump. Maybe it’s not a spidery web of intrigue, influence and  organized character assassination as the president believes. Maybe it’s as simple as this:

All things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be true. President Trump is the least likable president in modern history since the Truman administration when the poll began. That’s not distortion, alternative facts or fake news. That’s truth. Numbers, unlike Trumps, don’t lie.

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Bruno Moore is a 2 time Democratic candidate for Florida State Senate. With a background in broadcasting he became most well known for his signature style of traffic reporting in South Florida before getting into politics in 2012. Between them he and his wife Megan have 5 children.