Twitter Explodes After Fox Host Calls Sean Hannity 'A Literal F*cking Moron'

Twitter Explodes After Fox Host Calls Sean Hannity ‘A Literal F*cking Moron’

The last few days have been difficult for Sean Hannity, what with getting into a kerfuffle on Twitter with The New York Times Saturday and then getting smacked hard by Fox Sports anchor Katie Nolan, who also happens to work with 21st Century Fox.

Hannity responds…Twitter fun ensues

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Really.

War broke out between the Fox News host and the Times after the newspaper had the temerity to discuss how often he talks to President Donald Trump and gives him advice. As Hannity vented about this on Twitter, Nolan, host of Garbage Time (no, this is not Fox News, even though the title fits), on Fox Sports 1.

Here’s the Hannity tweet that riled Nolan:

I couldn’t have said that better myself.

Then she tweeted:


Nolan spent the following day responding to the Hannity-lovers by retweeting their hateful spewing forth and deleting some of her own tweets as well. Especially the one in which she claimed she and Hannity don’t work for the same company.

Oooops, that was wrong. Both are employed by 21st Century Fox. Guess we can’t all be perfect all of the time.

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While her show is currently on hiatus, there’s speculation about Nolan’s future at Fox. But in February, the network said “we could not be more excited about Katie Nolan’s future with Fox Sports.”

While the controversial host of Fox News has plenty of haters out there, it’s unusual to see two TV commentators go at it within the same company, Awful Announcing reports. 

And with her feisty tweet, Nolan fired up the Hannity fans, who responded in (un)kind:

This is somewhat risky business for Nolan. Yes, Hannity continues to be widely criticized, but he’s practically a monolith at Fox News. But she seems unfazed by this. When someone complained about her tweets to the Fox Sports 1 account, she fired off this response:

Hannity eventually graced Nolan with his condescending tweets, Mediaite reports. And she responded in kind.

Kudos to Nolan for saying what the rest of us are thinking.

Photo of Sean Hannity courtesy of Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images/Photo of Katie Nolan courtesy of Facebook 

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