Twitter Just Destroyed Trump’s Awkward Meeting With Japanese PM — And It’s Glorious!

Twitter Just Destroyed Trump’s Awkward Meeting With Japanese PM — And It’s Glorious!

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump can’t seem to stop doing, it’s embarrassing himself and the country. This time around, he did it by shaking Abe’s hand for an awkward 20 seconds or more during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the “very famous White House.” Abe was visibly relieved once the handshake was over. Abe’s brief expression seemed to say “What planet is this guy from?”

Trump’s ridiculous handshake is all over Twitter

Then the two world leaders took to the podium, and Trump, continuing the awkwardness, noted Abe had “strong hands. Then he forgot to put in his translating  earpiece and even more awkwardness ensued. He had no idea what Abe was saying. Clearly befuddled, he finally asked:

“What are they saying?” Trump asked, in reference to the photographers, who were speaking Japanese, Jezebel reports. 

So Abe turned erstwhile translator:

“Please look at me,” he said. Trump, however, seemed to take this literally, and stared at the Prime Minister, even when Abe used his other hand to point directly at the cameras, where Trump was supposed to look.

Twitter users didn’t fail to take noticE

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And if President Trump thought this was going to be another easy game of ditch-the-press-after-three-questions press conference, Abe had other ideas, Mediaite reports. Yes, our President tried to cut the conference off after three questions (two questions were from American outlets — The New York Post and Fox Business, and one question from a Japan-based outlet), but Abe had other ideas.

“I want to thank everyone in the room,” Trump said, attempting to wrap things up. “We’re gonna have a tremendous relationship, long-term relationship of mutual benefit with Japan. Thank you all very much.”

Abe, however, pressed on.

“One more, one more,” he said. “Yes, sure,” Trump replied.

So Abe called on another Japan-based outlet, and the President addressed that reporter’s question. Then he made it entirely clear that he was in a hurry to leave. After all, it’s been a week since his last vacation.

“Mr. Prime Minister, what an honor,” he said. “What a great honor. And let’s go to Florida!”

Abe will accompany Trump to Mar-a-Lago, where they will golf and relax while taxpayers foot the bill.

Featured Image via screenshot, Twitter

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