WATCH: Wanda Sykes Nails how Sally Yates 'Slapped the Sh*t out of Ted Cruz' in Can't Miss TV Segment

WATCH: Wanda Sykes Nails how Sally Yates ‘Slapped the Sh*t out of Ted Cruz’ in Can’t Miss TV Segment

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz stumbled through his questions to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates who appeared before Congress on Monday. Much to the delight of comedian Wanda Sykes, who couldn’t hold back her laughter while talking to Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. 

Wanda Sykes offers a beat-down of her own

Yates appeared calm during her testimony, but there were hints of steely resolve in her voice, and the well-respected comedian didn’t fail to notice that.

“She slapped the sh*t out of Ted Cruz!” Sykes said, a huge grin spreading across her face. This was definitely a “beat-down,” she said.

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Then she had fun with the way Yates handled Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). Yates left him bumbling and stumbling, she noted.

“She just had him like, ‘uh, um, uh, uh. Blahda-ah.’ And she was like, ‘No! What I said was — I said it was unlawful.” Sykes said, waving a finger. “She didn’t do this, but I saw it in my mind. ‘It was unlawful. That’s what I said.'”

Then she set her sights on Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-LA), saying he embarrassed himself, Raw Story reports. 

“He got so flabbergasted at one point he turned into Colonel Sanders and he was like ‘Well lookie here, missy! We don’t have no gal talk up here like that.’ It was beautiful. They didn’t know what to do with that woman. She was cool and they just lost it. They were just — oh, it was just beautiful.”

Noah asked her what she’d like to see happen next, and Sykes said she hopes Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif) gives House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) a good headbutt.

“That’s what I’m hoping for. Just mmm,” Sykes said, imagining the potential headbutt. “Like she’s talking and he gets a little too close.”

Then Noah had an idea and suggested someone should produce a “Wanda Sykes Tells You What Happens In Politics Show.”

I bet that show would be a hit.

And I have to wonder if Cruz (R-TX) is licking his wounds, or if he even understands how badly he was owned.

Screengrab of comedian Wanda Sykes courtesy of Facebook.

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