Trump Official May Be Speaking at an Anti-LGBTQ Hate Conference

A Top Trump Official Was Supposed to Speak at a Hate Conference — but the Press Found Out

Trump Has Surrounded Himself with Far-Right Hate Mongerers and Here is Yet Another Example

Dr. Ben Carson is a homophobic bigot. There is no way to get around that fact. The man who aspired to be a Republican presidential nominee has a LONG history of saying terribly bizarre, homophobic things and yet, despite this, he was appointed by Donald Trump to be the Housing and Urban Development Secretary. And his hate of all things LGBTQ has not subsided in the least.

Now, according to Pink News, Ben Carson will soon be in Hungary at the 11th World Congress of Families (WCF). Sounds good and wholesome, right? Families! Families are good, right? Well, the World Congress of Families is conservative Christian coalition based in the United States that is working to push dangerous anti-LGBTQ ideas around the globe. In this case (as is too often is the reality), “families” is just a code word for anti-LGBTQ. And, what’s more, the Congress chose a timely theme for this years event: “Building Family-Friendly Nations: Making Families Great Again.” Gee, who could have inspired THAT theme?

The WCF has the distinction of being labelled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Why? Well, one reason is because it pushed hard for Russia to pass it’s notorious anti-LGBTQ laws that punish anyone or any organization advocating for LGBTQ people. And that’s just ONE reason. The parent organization to the Congress is the International Organization for the Family and is headed by none other than notorious hate mongerer Brian Brown of the National Organization For Marriage. That’s another reason right there.

The right-wing government of Hungary seems more than happy to be hosting the anti-LGBTQ hate event. And the WCF is more than happy to be welcomed by Hungary and has praised the country as being a great leader on the issues the WCF holds dear to it’s heart. As the WCF website says:

“Budapest is a beautiful, historic city and Hungary has demonstrated its strategic leadership as an advocate for the natural family in Europe. We believe that this Congress will strengthen our existing international network and help launch a new global pro-family alliance of countries dedicated to defending marriage, the family and the sanctity of human life.”

Now, originally Ben Carson was listed as being a speaker at the event. As the New Civil Rights Movement reports, however, after word got out that he would be speaking, his name magically disappeared from the speakers list. That doesn’t mean he still won’t be speaking or that he won’t be at the event. In fact, no one is willing to explain what exactly happened or confirm what his plans are as no one that the New Civil Rights Movement attempted to contact responded.

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It isn’t as if this should be shocking to anyone, though. As the Human Rights Campaign reports, Ben Carson has been linked to this group in the past, with his Political Action Committee partnering with the WCF to hold their event in Salt Lake City in 2015 while he was trying to win the Republican nomination for president.

The ideas pushed by the WCF are in direct line with the ideas that Carson espouses and he has been brutally honest when it comes to his feelings about LGBTQ people. He has compared gays to pedophiles and put them in the same category as those who practice bestiality. He has said that same-sex marriage will lead to America’s downfall, comparing it to the fall of Rome and predicted violence and war over the issue. He believes that being gay is a choice and is opposed to banning conversion therapy. And, he has said that same-sex marriage is a Marxist plot. So, in many ways, it would be more shocking if Ben Carson WASN’T part of this event than if he was.

So, what does Donald Trump do with a homophobic bigot like Ben Carson? He rewards him with a position of power! No wonder the LGBTQ community feels threatened by the Trump administration. And this guy isn’t even the Vice President!

Feature image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


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