Muslim Groups 'Respond to Hate with Love' - Raise HUGE Sum for Portland Train Attack Victims

Muslim Groups ‘Respond to Hate with Love’ – Raise HUGE Sum for Portland Train Attack Victims

$500,000 For The victims Families

Muslim Education Trust and Celebrate Mercy  created a fundraising drive entitled, Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes. The effort  has quickly raised over a staggering $536,000 by the publication of this article. The campaign organized by Muslims is raising money for the families of Veteran Ricky John Best (53), Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche (23), and the lone survivor of the hate filled attack Micah David-Cole Fletcher (21).  The organization describes their campaign on their donation page:

We wish to respond to hate with love, to evil with good, as our faith instructs us, and send a powerful message of compassion through action. Our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: “Have mercy to those on earth, and the One in Heaven (God) will have mercy upon you.” The Prophet’s life exemplified that central commandment in the Quran: “Repel evil with that which is better” (41:34).  

Although this campaign is organized by Muslims, we welcome people of all faiths to contribute (all donations are tax-deductible). No amount of money will bring back the victims, but we do hope to lessen their family’s burdens in some way and also show our heartfelt appreciation for their heroic acts against Islamophobia. Let’s all stand together against hate.


They continue, “Fundraising proceeds will firstly help with the immediate, short-term needs of the grieving families – including funeral expenses. If needed, funds will also help with the medical bills of Micah David-Cole Fletcher (currently hospitalized). After all immediate expenses – such as funeral and memorial services – are covered, extra funds will go towards long-term expenses of the families.”

Mother’s Words To President Trump

Asha Deliverance, the mother of Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, sent an impassioned letter to President Trump on Memorial Day after her son died as a hero. An excerpt of that letter details a serious message:

Taliesin died a hero. like many other Americans who have died defending freedom. He was just 23, a year out of college with a degree in economics, working, had just bought his first home and was thinking about starting a family. Our family grieves, but we are proud that through his selfless action he, along with the other two men, has changed the world, when in the face of hate he did not hesitate to act with love.

Two precious lives were lost this Memorial Day weekend in Portland and one more, nearly so. All three were strangers to  each other, and to those they were defending. They fearlessly risked their lives for two young women who were being threatened by an act of bigotry & terror. These brave men saw the immediate injustice and didn’t hesitate to act. They recognized the truth: we are more alike than we are different. To ride the train home without being assaulted because of the color of your skin or your religious beliefs, is an inalienable right.


The campaign to raise money for the families of these heroes will last until June 3rd.

To Donate To The Fundraiser Click Here

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