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That Time Trump Made The Most Embarrassing Mistake of Any President, Ever

February 10, 2018

What could be more embarrassing for a President of the United States than this? Cigar play in the Oval Office?…

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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned For 31 Years Awarded $75 – Now He’s Fighting For Justice

December 22, 2016

He spent 31 years in a Tennessee prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s seeking justice and petitioning…

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Don’t Destroy The Electoral College – Fix It

November 10, 2016

Electoral College Did It Again For those who stayed up late on election night back in 2000, the memory still…

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Wells Fargo’s Corrupt CEO Just Retired Free & Rich – And Elizabeth Warren Is PISSED! (TWEETS)

October 13, 2016

ess than 24 hours after the retirement of Wells Fargo’s corrupt CEO John Stumpf, Senator Elizabeth Warren has taken to…

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Wells Fargo’s CEO is Facing Punishment, Thanks to Elizabeth Warren

September 29, 2016

Warren Nails Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf nformation has emerged that indicates Wells Fargo’s CEO, John Stumpf will face financial…

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Trump Staffers’ Plagiarism Confession Revealed MUCH Bigger Violation

July 21, 2016

The Trump Campaign May Have Admitted To A Serious Federal Violation The Donald Trump campaign is desperate to move on from…

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New Poll Of Young Voters Spells Doom For GOP In 2016 And Beyond

April 25, 2016

A sweeping new poll of Millennials’ political opinions shows that this November, young voters are ready to tell the GOP #SorryNotSorry.…

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Trading Places: 5 Ways Americans Would Have Reacted If Obama Had Campaigned Like Trump

March 15, 2016

What If Barack Obama And His Supporters Behaved In ’08 Like Trump And His Supporters Behave Today? Let’s bust down…

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Rubio’s ‘Victory’ Speech Sound Familiar? That’s Because You Heard It In 2008 (VIDEOS)

February 2, 2016

After coming in third, and securing not even a quarter of the vote, Marco Rubio delivered a “victory” speech in…

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Why A Sanders Surge Terrifies DNC Leadership

October 14, 2015

There is an old axiom in political circles that people don’t vote for candidates they don’t know. Hillary Clinton is…

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