DATA: Voter Fraud Virtually Non-Existent In 2016 Election, Or Any Other Election

December 19, 2016

Voter Fraud Is One Of The Biggest Fears Amongst Conservatives … If you were to rank the top ten biggest…

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5 Times Bill Maher’s Predictions About Trump Were Scary Accurate

November 25, 2016

bill maher tried to warn us Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has never been one to pull punches- he…

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The Amazon Reviews For Trump’s Christmas Ornaments Are Side Splittingly Hilarious (IMAGES)

November 24, 2016

amazon customers are not happy During an intense debate with Rudy Giuliani on CNN in the prelude to the final…

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A Surprising Clinton Rival Is Pushing For A Vote Recount In Three Battleground States

November 23, 2016

a former rival could be working to help clinton There were two big reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential…

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Wisconsin Case Could Impact Republican Gerrymandering Nationwide

November 21, 2016

The practice of racial gerrymandering in the United States dates back to the post-Civil War era, when southern states strove…

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Obama Loyalists Already Plotting Resistance Against Trump

November 19, 2016

Obama Alumni Forming The Cornerstone Of A New Progressive Grassroots Barack Obama’s most loyal operatives have begun meeting to discuss…

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What To Do If Trump Thugs Try To Intimidate You On Election Day

November 5, 2016

Trump Thugs May Be Planning On Harassing And Intimidating Voters On Election Day Friday evening, a Federal judge in Ohio…

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This Election Map Of Trump Trolls Is Beloved By Right-Wing Nuts

November 4, 2016

The Right Is Sharing The Hell Out Of This Ridiculous Election Map Of Trump Trolls Oh, conservatives. Their whole right-wing…

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The Anatomy Of A Trump Supporter

October 13, 2016

Donald Trump Inexplicably Has Millions Of Supporters. What Does That Say About Our Nation As A Whole? rump supporters. There…

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