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Killing Medicaid Will Kill Middle Class Children & Elderly – Not Just The Poor. Here’s Why…

July 16, 2017

Simon Haeder, West Virginia University Despite many assertions to the contrary, Senate leaders are now saying they want to vote on the replacement bill for Obamacare before the month is out. Front and center is the planned transformation of America’s…

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Trump Didn’t Destroy The GOP, He’s Just Sweeping It Under The Rug

March 18, 2016

It would be entirely excusable for a casual follower of the news to come to the conclusion that there is literally nothing happening in the United States save for the bizarre ascendancy of Donald Fucking Trump. The man is — if…

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Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Proposal Explained — Most Americans SAVE Money

January 18, 2016

Sunday night, hours ahead of the fourth Democratic debate, Senator Bernie Sanders released his health care proposal — a political strategy of perfection. Clinton couldn’t attack Sanders in the debate for not putting his plans on the table, and attack…

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Medicaid Expansion ‘The Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats’, But Not In All States

October 20, 2015

Republican States Are Thumbing Their Noses At Medicaid Expansion, Even As Complying States Reap The Benefits Before The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka “Obamacare” became the law of the land in March 2010, able-bodied adults without children were ineligible for…

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