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Trump’s Attorney General Seeks to Jail Domestic Abuse Refugees Indefinitely, Without Trial

September 21, 2018

Sessions rule change could treat victims like criminals.

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Your Guide to Learning how Immigration Court Works

June 27, 2018

How immigration court works Fatma Marouf, Texas A&M University When Attorney General Jeff Sessions on June 11 overruled the decision in a controversial immigration case called Matter of A-B-, he made it harder for women escaping sexual and physical abuse…

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UN Demands World Protect Immigrants Amidst the Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

June 19, 2017

2016 Showed the Worst Humanitarian Numbers for immigrants The United Nations has called for a global protection of immigrants as 2016 showed a staggering number of people forcibly displayed; even worse than the numbers recorded during World War II. According to…

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Family Values? Mother’s Heartbreaking Story Shows Which Party Truly Cares About Families (VIDEO)

March 10, 2016

Republicans claim to care about family values, but Lucia Quiej’s gut-wrenching story from Wednesday’s Democratic debate in Miami shows which party truly cares about families. Lucia Quiej, mother of five, tells her story of a family torn asunder at the…

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Hey Fascist Trump, You’re Gonna Have To Ban Me First

December 10, 2015

Donald Trump, I am not afraid of you or your army of paranoid, bleating bigots. But you have tapped into the fear of the majority. Racial paranoia is a powerful force in American cultural history. Since World War II and…

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There’s Only One Real Solution To The Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 6, 2015

Where would you put the populations of California and Texas if everyone in those states fled their homes? That is essentially the question that faces the world today. In 2014, the UNHCR Refugee Agency calculated that 59.5 million people were…

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