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EXCLUSIVE: Heroes at Home – Veterans Rebuilding America, One Construction Project at a Time

May 12, 2017

he construction industry has gone through significant changes lately, including improvements in technology, increased worker safety, and growth. Entrepreneurs in…

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After Muslim Ban, Trump Opposition Sees Astonishing Surge In Donations

February 2, 2017

If there is one silver lining to be gleaned from the political storm that is Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims…

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Delta Passenger Banned For Life After Pro-Trump Rant (VIDEO)

November 28, 2016

Delta was a bit slow to respond, but when it did… A Delta passenger who launched into an abusive, pro-Donald…

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Extremist Militia Threatens Armed Revolt If Clinton Wins — And You Should Be Worried (VIDEO)

November 2, 2016

The possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency has spawned concerns that militia groups in the U.S. are preparing for armed…

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DAFUQ? This Atlanta Business Owner Requires Employees To Carry Guns

February 24, 2016

Atlanta business owner Lance Toland has a bold new requirement of the employees of his aviation insurance agency. He is mandating…

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Cowardly Racists Put 4 Confederate Flags At Martin Luther King’s Church In The Dark

July 31, 2015

Racists in America seem intent on proving that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. However, they don’t have…

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ALEC Sends Four Sheriffs After Reporter Covering Secret Lobbyist-Legislator Meeting (VIDEO)

May 23, 2015

In an incredible investigative report, the Atlanta television news program WXIA’s 11Alive Investigators, including reporter Brendan Keefe, tracked down an…

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