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Trump White House Lights It Up Blue For Autism, But Here’s Why It’s Bullsh*t

April 2, 2017

Autism Awareness Is Great…But It’s Too Little, Too Late The Trump White House announced it will “light it up blue” for World Autism Awareness Day. “Light it up blue” is a campaign started by Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to…

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Sesame Street Introduces Autistic Character and Conservatives Lose It over ‘Leftist Agenda’

March 22, 2017

Sesame Street Introduces Julia, A Character With Autism Sesame Street is introducing its young viewers to Julia, a red-headed Muppet who does things a little different, but still has the love and respect of her friends. She’s an important character,…

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From Common Core To Neurocore: DeVos Fries Kids Brains With Fake Science For Money

February 2, 2017

Betsy DeVos’s Scary Link To Unproven Therapy Methods Through a company called Neurocore, Betsy DeVos is making money off of families of children with special needs. Neurocore promotes bogus science as a near-cure for complex disorders like autism and ADHD. It…

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Hillary Clinton’s Comprehensive Approach To Autism And Other Disabilities Puts People First

September 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Commitment To Individuals With Disabilities Hillary Clinton has amazing policy proposals that address autism and other disabilities. These proposals are far-seeing, comprehensive, giving ample consideration to both support for children and adults with disabilities, as well as research, resources for caregivers,…

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Black Therapist Rescuing Distraught Patient Keeps Hands Up, Shot By Police Anyway (VIDEO)

July 20, 2016

A black, unarmed behavioral therapist coming to the rescue of his autistic patient was shot by police in North Miami, Fla., Monday, while lying on his back in the middle of the road, holding both hands in the air in…

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Hillary Clinton Autism Platform Is A First For Mainstream Politics

January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Autism Platform Is Extremely Crucial The Hillary Clinton campaign announced on Tuesday a plan that “autistic advocates and activists have rallied around for years,” but one that has also been ignored by mainstream politicians…at least, ignored until now.  The Guardian credits…

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Studies Find A Link Between Violent Crime And Smog

September 18, 2015

The 1980’s were a turbulent era. According to studies, it was the most violent era in US history. Crime peaked, but then fell off afterwards. While some tried to claim that new policing methods and aggressive zero-tolerance programs were responsible,…

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Second Republican Debate Filled With Lies

September 18, 2015

A second Republican presidential debate happened.  Once again though, the debate was actually two debates — the night began with Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Lindsey Graham, former Governor George Pataki, and former Senator Rick Santorum battling it out for the…

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Mom Learns The Hard Way That Vaccines Do NOT Cause Autism, And Bravely Comes Forward (AUDIO)

February 6, 2015

As the battle over vaccines rages on, and terrified parents fret over their babies catching once-eradicated deadly diseases like measles and whooping cost, Chattanooga, Tenn. writer Juniper Russo adds some much-needed sanity to the conversation. This awesome mom once genuinely…

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