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DeVos’s Pick for Key Civil Rights Post Has Deeply Checkered Past on Race Issues

April 17, 2017

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos strikes again. Her pick for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is a woman who’s claimed she was discriminated against for being white. Civil Rights May Face A Setback Candice Jackson, an undergraduate student…

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Paul Ryan Wants To Kill The First Amendment, Then Kill Your Healthcare – And That Could Kill You

December 27, 2016

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is an integral part of the civil rights in this country. Without the freedoms of speech, press, religion, petitioning, and assembly, the US would become a dictatorship with little regard for human…

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Sanders Shows Greenspan The Free Market Doesn’t Work

June 23, 2015

Back in the 1990s, the stock market was booming and the economy was going right along with it. Alan Greenspan was considered a genius. As head of the Federal Reserve Board, he received a good deal of the credit for…

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