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Guess Who’s Less Popular: America’s Immigrant First Lady, or America’s Anti-Immigrant President?

July 8, 2017

new Fox News poll shows that First Lady Melania Trump is more popular than her husband, President Donald Trump. According to the poll, her approval ratings have gone up by 14 points. That means that her approval rating is at 51…

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TBT Comedy: The Time George Bush Sr. Tossed His Lunch On A World Leader

May 11, 2017

Throwback Thursday Comedy: George Bush Sr. Couldn’t Contain Himself And Threw Up In The Lap Of Japan’s Prime Minister It was perhaps the first news story to ever make me keel over due to hysterical laughter. I was only a…

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Sen. Feinstein Cracks Scathing Joke About Jeb Bush Candidacy

February 2, 2015

Why did the Bush cross the road? To get into the White House. Okay, that’s not a good joke. But Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) cracked a far better one. The rather bizarre Washington D.C. social group, the Alfalfa Club, held…

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