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Memorial Day Reflections on the Unheralded Souls Who Died for our Freedom

May 26, 2018

Our weekly Blue Sunday column examines the forgotten soldiers in America's ongoing fight for freedom, justice, and equality.

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Ultra-Prude Mike Pence Narc’d Out His Entire Frat House For Throwing A Kegger

December 6, 2017

A revealing — if not surprising — profile in The Atlantic exposes that bible-thumping Republican Vice President Mike Pence was a dime-dropping narc, unapologetically throwing his fraternity brothers under the bus while in college for **GASP** throwing a major rager. What…

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New ‘Murica Beer Mocks Budweiser’s Publicity Stunt, Trump Fans

May 12, 2016

On May 10, Reverb Press reported beer giant Budweiser is temporarily changing their name to “America” as a marketing gimmick. While the beer is, indeed, brewed in the United States, the company is owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate. In the craft beer…

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Budweiser Beer Just Changed Its Name To ‘America.’ No, Really

May 10, 2016

Budweiser’s Hypocritical Tribute To The Land Of The Free n a hot summer day, nothing quite says “America” like an ice cold beer. At least according to Budweiser. The company has taken that a step further by actually renaming its…

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Stephen Colbert To Bernie Sanders: Here’s How You Win South Carolina (VIDEO)

February 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire handily, but South Carolina’s a tougher nut to crack. Luckily, he’s gotten some great advice from Stephen Colbert, a native son. On Wednesday night, the insurgent Democratic presidential candidate appeared on The Late Show with…

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Donald Trump Called Brussels A ‘Hellhole.’ I Lived There. He Is SO Wrong

January 27, 2016

Let Me Tell You What A ‘Hellhole’ Brussels Is, Mr. Trump Mr. Donald Trump, you recently came up with yet another ignorant, racist comment (this has to be a charade, right?). You once again trashed Muslim people and the supposed…

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Who Would You Drink A Beer With? Sen. Rubio’s Stunning Answer Is Why He Should NEVER Be President

November 4, 2015

Rubio told these young professionals he wants to have a beer with who?!? Now that Jeb Bush is toast, the GOP establishment hopes Sen. Marco Rubio can save them from Donald Trump. Sure, he’s young and inexperienced. But Rubio’s a fresh face from a key swing…

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Drink Your Way To A More Creative You

December 23, 2014

Good news! Knocking back a beer can help you come up with your next big creative idea!

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They’ve Had Enough: Texas Breweries Stand Up To State

December 10, 2014

To call Craft Beer a “movement” is a bit of a misnomer. With the amount of local breweries opening up across America, (and larger, established breweries rushing to increase their production) craft beer is more like a sprint as thirsty…

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