Trump’s Islamophobic Travel Ban Shot Down By Appeals Court All Over Again

June 12, 2017

President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has been struck down a second time by a federal appeals court , reports…

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3 Ways Trump is Failing at His Job and Disgracing the Office of President

April 27, 2017

No Previous President Has Been This Unpresidential hen I was a kid, before I formulated opinions about politics and just…

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New Bill Would Give Obama & Clinton Power To KICK TRUMP OUT of White House

April 20, 2017

HR 2093 Would Rely on the Knowledge of Those That Know the Office Best President Trump’s fitness to serve has come…

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Delusions of Grandeur: Confused Trump Drastically Overstates his Minimal Accomplishments (VIDEO)

April 12, 2017

Trump: I’m Getting ‘Great, Great Credit’ for First 100 Days Few would blame the twelve men who followed Franklin Roosevelt…

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Obama Was A Better President Than Trump In Every Way – Even Trump’s Specialty: TV Ratings

March 2, 2017

Trump’s Big Speech The infamous ego of Donald Trump is going to take a severe blow when he gets wind…

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Bill Clinton Just Humiliated Donald Trump In 2 Brutal Sentences

December 19, 2016

Bill Clinton Sums Trump Up Former President Bill Clinton did not mince words when asked about incoming president Donald Trump.…

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October Surprise! ‘Michael Moore In Trumpland’ Opens In Theatres Nationwide

October 18, 2016

Trumpland, The Film Nobody Saw Coming Earlier this year, Michael Moore began to travel with his one man show, “Live…

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10 Dumbest Excuses The Trump Campaign Uses To Justify Donald’s Filthy Mouth

October 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Leader Of The GOP Donald Trump exemplifies the party of personal responsibility, and by that I mean he refuses…

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Speaker Ryan Jumps Ship On SS Trump In GOP Conference Call

October 10, 2016

ess than ninety minutes before last night’s pivotal second presidential election debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Donald Trump…

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