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Why Is The Media Still Writing Off Bernie Sanders?

October 22, 2015

Something funny happened on The Daily Show last night. Something that’s been happening on every television show with an audience…

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Bill Maher Writes Off Bernie Sanders While Ranting About Clinton

August 16, 2015

Friday night, Real Time host Bill Maher offered Hillary Clinton “one million dollars… worth of advice,” urging her to “make the campaign more…

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‘I’m Not Running For President’: Elizabeth Warren Turns Down Bill Maher’s $1 Million Offer (VIDEO)

April 12, 2015

Bill Maher just made Sen. Elizabeth Warren an offer she can’t refuse, but she still turned it down. It turns…

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Bill Maher Defends Netanyahu’s Racist Campaign Tactics (VIDEO)

March 22, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angered many with his racist campaign tactics, not to mention that outrageous stunt with Congress.…

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Bill Maher Smacks Down GOP Obsession Over Obama ‘Not Loving America’ (VIDEO)

March 7, 2015

Bill Maher completely dissed the many Republicans in America who insisted that not only does President Obama not love America,…

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Atheism Does Not Have Blood On Its Hands, But . . .

February 13, 2015

In the wake of the horrific killing of three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, alleged killer Craig Stephen Hicks’s…

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