The 1950’s? Republicans Want To Roll America Back Way Further Than That

October 24, 2016

Just How Far Back In Time Do Conservatives Want To Reverse Our Society? Hint: It’s Not The 1950’s We’ve all…

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A Rich Black Quarterback Opposed Racism – Cue The Blabbering, Hate-Spewing Hypocritical Morons

August 29, 2016

Colin Kaepernick’s Income and Profession Have Absolutely No Bearing On His Free Speech… Or His Message I have a question…

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Colin Kaepernick Has A Point In National Anthem Stance, But He Should Never Surrender The Flag

August 28, 2016

What So Proudly We Hail Colin Kaepernick in perspective. olin Kaepernick has every right to sit out the national anthem…

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Armed White Supremacists Beseige Houston NAACP HQ Chanting ‘White Lives Matter’, Spewing Hate

August 22, 2016

A small group of white, armed, and Confederate flag-waving protesters identified themselves as “White Lives Matter” as they protested outside…

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BlackLivesMatter Block Europe’s Busiest Airport, More Protests Planned (VIDEO)

August 5, 2016

BlackLivesMatter stages set of protests across Britain Protesters from the British arm of the BlackLivesMatter movement staged a series of…

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12 Epic ‘AllLivesDidntMatter’ Tweets That Totally Shut Down Black Lives Matter Detractors

July 13, 2016

Not long after the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement began in the aftermath of the cowardly wannabe-tough-guy George Zimmerman’s…

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Killer George Zimmerman Rants About BLM, ‘Racist’ Obama In Psycho Interview (VIDEO)

May 25, 2016

George Zimmerman ‘Tells All’ In New Interview, The Way Only A Racist Lunatic Can What happens when you combine the vile racism…

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Barack Obama Isn’t The One ‘Dividing’ America. You’re Thinking Of Yourself

May 10, 2016

No, President Obama Isn’t ‘Dividing’ The Country Nearly eight years ago, our nation elected its first black president, Barack Obama.…

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Trading Places: 5 Ways Americans Would Have Reacted If Obama Had Campaigned Like Trump

March 15, 2016

What If Barack Obama And His Supporters Behaved In ’08 Like Trump And His Supporters Behave Today? Let’s bust down…

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Caucasian-At-Heart Ben Carson Doesn’t Think Obama Is Black Enough

February 23, 2016

Ben Carson: Obama Isn’t Black Enough Talk about the pot calling the kettle… well… not black enough. Supposed neurosurgeon and 2016…

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