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Birds of a Feather: Perv-In-Chief Trump Gives Roy Moore Most Enthusiastic Endorsement Yet

December 8, 2017

In a Caps Lock Tweet, Donald Trump Threw The Full Weight of the White House Behind Accused Pedophile Roy Moore…

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WTF: 7-Year-Old Kid Gets Jaw Busted By Teacher, ‘He’s Still Shaking In His Sleep’ (VIDEO)

November 30, 2016

Neglect And Abuse Led To A Child Having His Jaw Broken By A Tutor At A Baltimore School Imagine the horror…

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Trump Denies Child Rape Accusation, But The Media Shouldn’t Dismiss It So Easily

May 2, 2016

Trump Denies He Raped Underage Girl In 1994, Calls Allegation ‘Categorically False’ There are a great many things you might…

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10k Syrian Child Refugees Feared Trafficked Into Slavery — Or Worse

February 1, 2016

Thousands of child refugees are missing, and Were Likely trafficked Into Slavery With the conflict in Syria continuously escalating, and…

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Former Memphis Cop And His Father Guilty Of Rape, Incest

December 27, 2015

On December 17, former Memphis Police Officer, Cornelius Monger, 36, was found guilty of multiple rape and incest charges. A…

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‘Good Christian’ Punches Child In The Face For Making Him Late For Church

December 22, 2015

Man Punches Child For Making Him Late For Church…Because That’s What Jesus Would Do? Sometimes you read something that leaves…

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Birds Of A Feather: Palins Stick Up For Duggars, Blame Liberal Media

June 4, 2015

Like clockwork. Right on schedule. The Palins are here!  All dressed up in their Sunday-go-to-meetin’ finest. They even put their…

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Six Brothers Raped Their Sister For Years While ‘Christian’ Homeschool Parents Did Nothing (VIDEO)

May 25, 2015

“You’ll go to Hell if you tell anyone,” her older brothers would warn. Sometimes they would also threaten to kill…

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BEWARE: This Florida Dentist Scams Patients While Abusing Children (VIDEO/IMAGES)

May 21, 2015

In Jacksonville, Florida, there is a pediatric dentist allegedly scamming patients by performing unnecessary procedures, all the while abusing the…

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Woman’s Rant On Bratty Kid Too Extreme Even For Texas (VIDEO)

March 25, 2015

“Kathleen Smith”, resident of Texas, felt compelled to share what could loosely be deemed her “thoughts” on parenting and children…

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