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The GOP Just Gave This Megachurch the Right to Form Its Own Police Force

April 15, 2017

Legislators in Alabama have approved the request by a megachurch allowing it to employ its own police force — something that’s unprecedented in the U.S., and raises concerns regarding the First Amendment as it pertains to The Constitution.  This church wants…

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Sorry, Republicans – Most People Really Do Prefer Clear Separation Of Church And State

September 9, 2016

Keep God Out Of Government…And Government Out Of God A new survey shows that a strong majority of Americans really do prefer a clear separation of church and state, and firmly believe that politics should be kept out of the…

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Creationist Ham Using Tax Dollars To Enforce Christian Sharia

June 22, 2016

Ken Ham’s Creationist Fantasy Park Muddies The Line Between Church And State, Invites Sharia Law Influential creationist Ken Ham is using taxpayer money to build a shrine to pseudoscience. ash-strapped Kentuckians can find work in a theme park—so long as they…

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Clever Videos Show What North Carolina Is Missing Because Of Bathroom Bills

May 4, 2016

Backlash vs. Bigotry North Carolina’s House Bill 2 continues to face profound, and widening backlash for its clear need to discriminate and criminalize transgender citizens — all for the simple reason of being “different” — and not in line with traditional gender…

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Picking A Fight: The Church Takes Offensive In The War On Religion

June 9, 2015

  Last week comedian Bill Maher stomped a mud hole in the ass of all those holier than thou phony Christians that go around blathering about a nefarious liberal plot to begin the mass persecution of the followers of Jesus.…

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God Doesn’t Need Government To Accomplish His Will

June 7, 2015

Historically most American Christians have taken the view that government in general, and involvement in politics and political parties in particular, was a worldly pursuit not worthy of Christian morals. Many American Christians took the words of Jesus literally and…

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Losing My Religion: Declining Belief Changing America’s Religious Landscape

May 12, 2015

While those in my generation, Gen Xers, are undoubtedly familiar with the R.E.M. classic, it seems that sentiment has struck a chord and is resonating with the Millennials as well. Because the U.S. census does not ask questions about religion,…

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