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The President Rips Climate Deniers In Address At The Everglades (Video)

April 23, 2015

President Barack Obama commemorated Earth Day by visiting Everglades National Park in Florida, an ecosystem at the front lines of the battle against the ill effects of our changing climate. The Park served as a perfect backdrop for a speech…

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Catastrophic Crash of West Coast Fish Population Is Imminent

April 17, 2015

Fish might not be the most exciting of topics, but here’s a bit of fish related news you might have missed: Federal regulators on Wednesday approved an early closure of commercial sardine fishing off Oregon, Washington and California to prevent…

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5 Times When Ted Cruz Said Something Stupid

March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz has made it official. He’s running for president. My colleague, Curtis Fease, has made the case that a Cruz candidacy is a progressive’s dream – should he somehow win the nomination, his extremism will virtually guarantee a Democratic victory.…

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Florida GOPer Tries to Talk About Climate Change Without Saying Climate Change. Hilarity Ensues

March 22, 2015

As we reported earlier this month, Tea Party Governor of Florida, Rick Scott has banned state agencies from using the terms Climate Change and Global Warming in any official communications, emails or reports. The hope, it seems, is that if…

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Climate Change Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

March 17, 2015

Climate change, for those of us who are paying attention, may be the single greatest existential threat out there. This week we learned that it could be worse than we have ever imagined. Scientists have been researching the Totten Glacier of…

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Teaparty GOPer Rick Scott Bans Words ‘Global Warming’ From Official Records

March 8, 2015

Ever since Tea Party whackadoodle Republican Governor Rick Scott took office in 2009, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been barred from using terms like Climate Change and Global Warming in any official communications, emails or reports, according to…

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Editorial Cartoon: Snowball Senator

March 5, 2015

Please use the buttons above to share the cartoon. Please note:  The ads within this article are how the artist earns a living from his work.  Sharing the link to this page helps the artist pay his bills.  Copying his…

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Alaskan Village Is One Climate Disaster Away From Extinction

February 28, 2015

The tiny whaling village of Kivalina, Alaska could disappear at any time. The Arctic ice that protected the barrier island where the Inupiat Eskimo community is located has virtually disappeared with the warming of the climate. The threat has been clear to the village’s…

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Snow-Job On The Senate Floor

February 27, 2015

The GOP proudly displayed their science acumen once again on Thursday. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) snidely provided a visual aid on the Senate floor in an effort to prove his opinion on “climate change hysteria.” The distinguished gentleman tossed a…

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British Leaders Sign Climate Pledge Ditching Fossil Fuels, Destroys U.S. GOP’s Stance

February 19, 2015

All three leaders of Great Britain’s major political parties — Conservative, Liberal Democrat, and Labor — announced they have signed a pledge to tackle the problem of climate change. The resolutions that they adopted totally undermine the position of our GOP, which…

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