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Jill Stein Drops PA Suit Over $1 Million Cost After Raising $7 Million For Recount

December 3, 2016

EDITORS NOTE: The headline of this story has been updated for clarity. We regret any confusion the original headline may…

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Democrats’ Efforts to Court Disgruntled Republicans Could Reshape Electoral Map

July 30, 2016

After officially naming Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia earlier this week, the…

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REPORT: Voters With Highest Education Still Lean Heavily Toward THIS Party

July 28, 2016

Democrats And Hillary Clinton Continue To Dominate With Post-Graduate Degree Holders A new poll of over 23,000 registered voters shows…

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The #1 Thing Driving People To Polls? Their Hatred For Trump and Clinton

May 6, 2016

Hatred For Trump and Clinton Is The Main Thing Getting Out The Vote This November, Poll Finds When you were…

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Hillary Clinton Just Obliterated Trump’s Sexist ‘Woman Card’ Attack (Video)

April 27, 2016

It’s been hard to resist the notion that “stranger things have happened” throughout the primary season considering that we really…

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