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You Won’t Believe How Low Trump’s Approval Rating Just Sank After Comey’s Hearing

June 12, 2017

The past week has been a long one for President Trump. James Comey’s testimony before the Senate gained a lot of traction outside of the media, resulting in numerous people heading to bars to watch the trials. The result was two…

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Trump’s Team in Panic as Attorney Files Complaint Against James Comey

June 9, 2017

Yesterday, the political world was hit with former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony regarding his relationship with the White House, specifically President Trump. Many revelations came out of this meeting with the Senate, some shocking and some not so shocking,…

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Republicans Frantically Twist Comey Testimony to Distance Themselves from Russia

June 8, 2017

Trump Lawyer Launches False Narrative about Russia’s involvement in the presidential election James Comey’s bombshell testimony today answered a lot of questions and posed some stark new ones as well. No sooner had Comey left the committee chambers than Trump’s personal…

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