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‘Hung From a Tall Tree’: GOP Rep Calls For Lynching to Defend Confederate Statues

August 31, 2017

Republican State Rep Warren Love Faces Calls For Resignation After Inflammatory Social Media Post The fight over Civil War participation trophies continues and it’s no surprise when someone goes over the line trying to defend them. What might be surprising…

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Mayor, Hall of Fame NFL Coach Donate Own Money to Remove Confederate Statue

August 17, 2017

Tampa Mayor and Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy Donate Thousands To Remove Confederate Statue The debate over removing Confederate statutes and monuments honoring the losing side of the Civil War continues to rage across the country. In some cases,…

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GOP Lawmaker Calls for Lynching People Removing Confederate Monuments

May 22, 2017

Republican Karl Oliver Wants Mississippi ‘Leadership’ ‘Lynched’ Over Relocation Of Confederate Monuments If there is one thing many Republicans can’t seem to stand, it’s the removing of symbols, statues and monuments honoring the losing and openly racist side of the…

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