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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Frozen Out Of Meeting They Requested With ICE (TWEETS)

February 16, 2017

Republicans Help ICE Bully Hispanic Democrats In Congress In an unprecedented display of partisan strong-arming, Republican leaders blocked Democrats in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus from attending a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It was a meeting that the Hispanic Caucus…

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This Photo Was NOT A Prank…So What On Earth Was Jeb Bush THINKING?

September 22, 2015

When Jeb Bush first appeared in this awesome Republicans for Sanders photo, both liberals and conservatives assumed he’d somehow gotten punked. After all, isn’t that the sort of thing you do when there’s a big GOP Leadership Conference and no cement pies are…

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Is THIS What ‘GOP Leadership’ Looks Like? US Senator’s Aide Punches Guy In The Face (Video)

September 21, 2015

Did a Marco Rubio staffer really punch a Rand Paul aide in the face at a bar? Apparently, that's how GOP leadership works.

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