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Florida A.G. Who Killed Trump U Probe Starts Cushy Gig on Key Presidential Commission

September 12, 2017

lorida Attorney General Pam Bondi will formally join the White House’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis this week, months after the president appointed her. Bondi remains Florida’s attorney general. She joins the commission just in time…

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White House Back-Tracks on Trump Pledge to Donate $1 Million of ‘Personal Money’ to Harvey Relief

September 8, 2017

Donald Trump is extremely well-known for his tendency to bend (or break) the truth, particularly when it comes to portraying himself in the most favorable light possible. While there are virtually limitless examples of this, one particularly vile demonstration of…

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BREAKING: Trump Foundation Admits To Pattern Of SLEAZY Corrupt Dealings In Uncovered Tax Documents

November 22, 2016

2015 Tax Filings By Donald J. Trump Foundation Show Admission Of ‘Self-Dealing’ Now that the 2016 election is over, it seems Donald Trump has decided to discard incredibly dirty laundry that could have possibly cost him the White House. A…

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New York Attorney General Opens Investigation Into Trump Foundation

September 13, 2016

Donald J. Trump Foundation Under Scrutiny New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office say they’ve opened an inquiry into the Donald J. Trump Foundation. n Tuesday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office said they’ve launched an investigation of the Donald…

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Donald Does It Again! No Proof That Trump Donated ANYTHING To Louisiana Flood Relief

August 24, 2016

Donald Trump Should Have Stayed Home Well, Donald Trump does it again! Or, rather, doesn’t do it again. In other words, Donald Trump said he was going to make a YUUUUGE donation to the victims of the Louisiana flood during his recent…

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Eric Trump Claims Daddy Gave ‘Millions And Millions And Millions To Charity’ – Refuses To Prove It

July 6, 2016

Eric Trump Proves That Trouble With Facts May Be A Family Trait Eric Trump, son of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, claimed in a recent interview with the Washington Post that his daddy gives “millions and millions and millions” of his…

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Trump Screws A Charity Again – You’re Not Gonna Believe What He Blew $12K Of Donated Money On!

July 1, 2016

Greedy Donald Trump Personally Benefits From His Own Charity When it comes to charities and charitable giving, Donald Trump seems to blow it, every time — apparently on himself. The Republican nominee is already under well-deserved fire for using charity funds…

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BUSTED: Donald Trump’s Veterans’ Funds Went Straight To His Foundation

January 29, 2016

Donald Trump LOVES Veterans…on an election year Donald Trump has done some despicable things this campaign season, but this one might just take the cake. Thursday night, Donald Trump skipped the GOP Debates because Fox News wouldn’t take Megyn Kelly…

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