Don’t Be Lulled Into A False Sense Of Security By Donald Trump’s Toned-Down Media Image

November 12, 2016

A Plea Against Complacency by Raine Laurent “As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both…

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RNC Delegate: Donald Trump’s Team Running Convention Like ‘Fascists’

July 18, 2016

RNC Delegate Calls Donald Trump Team ‘Brownshirts’ Who Act Like ‘Fascists’ Former U.S. Senator¬†Gordon Humphrey, a GOP delegate, remains defiant…

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A TX Congressman Literally Just Told Trump To Shove His Border Wall Up His Racist Ass

June 6, 2016

Texas Congressman Tells Trump Exactly Where He Can Stick His Border Wall A congressman from Texas criticized the Republican presidential…

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Silent Minority: Trump Supporters Embarrassed To Admit Backing Demagogue

May 11, 2016

It looks like the Silent Majority really is silent.¬† undits have long been mystified trying to find Donald Trump’s apparently…

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Leopold Knopp is a film critic who was forced entirely against his will to also take up journalism. After years of award-winning misadventures at the college level, he's landed at Reverbpress to follow the cartoonish 2016 presidential election and its aftermath. For movie stuff, check out reelentropy.com.