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Trump Supporter: Racists Would Never Stand That Close To Black People

September 5, 2016

BILL MITCHELL DOESN’T THINK RACISTS WOULD STAND CLOSE TO BLACK PEOPLE You might be a racist when you think standing close to a Black person is an example of something racists would never do. ill Mitchell is a conservative radio…

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Donald Trump 2 Points Away From Achievement You Won’t Believe

April 14, 2016

Donald Trump On His Way To Being Most Hated Candidate In Over Three Decades The train wreck that is the Donald Trump campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is now just two percentage points away from a staggeringly embarrassing milestone.…

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GOP Scrambles To Distance Themselves From Trump’s Racism, But Can’t Ignore Their Roots

March 3, 2016

Republicans Shouldn’t Bother Trying To Distance Themselves From Hate Groups In the aftermath of the disastrous decision by David Duke — America’s best known white supremacist — to back Donald Trump, some desperate souls within the Republican Party have been trying…

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Watch Trump Refuse To Denounce Racist Hate Groups Supporting Him (VIDEO)

February 28, 2016

Face It, America. Donald Trump Thinks You Are Idiots, And Shows It By Playing Dumb About David Duke And White Supremacist Support Apparently Donald Trump thinks that America consists of idiots, as he seems to feel that he can play…

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