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Bombshell Book Author: ‘100%’ of Trump Insiders Believe ‘Child’ Trump is Unfit For Office

January 5, 2018

Michael Wolff Delivers Explosive Interview About Donald Trump, Suggests His Mental Health Might Be Failing Michael Wolff, author of the new book documenting the embarrassing Donald Trump White House, gave a must-watch interview defending his book on the Today Show…

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POLL: In Key Swing State, Majority Terrified Of Trump’s Finger on Nuclear Trigger

September 6, 2017

Should Donald Trump Have Access To Nuclear Launch Codes? A Majority In This Key Swing State Say ‘HELL NO!’ There are a few things that should always be included in any list of things that are scary. Steve Bannon’s creepy…

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Has Donald Trump Gone Crazy? Mental Health Professionals Express Concern

August 2, 2016

America needs to have a serious conversation about Donald Trump For over a year, we’ve watched Donald Trump’s behavior grow increasingly bizarre. Our reactions to his erratic, bombastic behavior have gone from gleeful to shock to horror and now numbness. We…

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