After Panicked Trump Tweet, Twitter is Exploding Over Flynn Immunity Hypocrisy

March 31, 2017

Twitter Shows Trump No Mercy Donald Trump began his day as he so often does – sending out an incoherent…

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Donald Trump Loses It Over Flynn, Blames ‘Media & Dems’ in Incoherent Tweet

March 31, 2017

Donald Trump In Panic Mode Donald Trump is having a bad day. Or a bad week. A bad month? Scratch…

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Donald Trump Throws Terrified Twitter Tantrum Ahead of Comey Testimony: Blame the Democrats!

March 20, 2017

Donald Trump ‘Fear Tweets’ Ahead of Comey Testimony Donald Trump’s latest stream of enraged tweets may be hiding a deeper,…

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Twitter Erupts As President Trump Congratulates Himself on Widely Panned Press Conference

February 17, 2017

There Was A Surreal Reaction On Twitter From President Trump, His Allies And His Opponents To His Press Conference President…

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Twitter ROASTS Trump For Taking First Weekend As POTUS Off

January 17, 2017

Twitter Takes Trump To Task…Again In a recent interview with the London Times, Donald Trump stated that he would be taking…

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President Elect Donald Trump Currently Busy Having Major Twitter Meltdown (TWEETS)

November 15, 2016

President Elect Donald Trump Takes To Twitter…Again President Elect Donald Trump has a lot on his plate. Recent reports indicate…

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Desperate Trump Fans In Debate Denial As The Internet Invades Their ‘TrumpWon’ Hashtag (TWEETS)

September 27, 2016

Debate Denial Is An Actual Thing ‘Trump won’ is currently trending on Twitter – but it’s not because Trump actually…

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Whiner-In-Chief Trump Has Twitter Meltdown Of Epic Proportions (TWEETS)

August 14, 2016

The Desperate Hours of Donald Trump Nothing illustrates desperation more than the frantic whining of someone who knows he’s losing…

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Donald Trump Goes Bat Shit Crazy On Ted Cruz After Losing Iowa, Demands A Do-Over

February 3, 2016

Donald Trump takes Iowa loss hard — goes off the rails on Ted Cruz We all knew this was coming,…

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