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Trump Melted Down in Insane Reuters Interview – and Twitter went Absolutely Nuclear

April 28, 2017

Trump Loses It In Recent Reuters Interview President Donald Trump apparently lost it completely in an insane Reuters interview. If you haven’t read it, you can find the highlights here. It makes for some great reading…if you are into horror…

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This Election Map Of Trump Trolls Is Beloved By Right-Wing Nuts

November 4, 2016

The Right Is Sharing The Hell Out Of This Ridiculous Election Map Of Trump Trolls Oh, conservatives. Their whole right-wing world is so utterly ridiculous that half the time, the rest of us can’t tell whether we should be laughing…

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Democrats’ Efforts to Court Disgruntled Republicans Could Reshape Electoral Map

July 30, 2016

After officially naming Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia earlier this week, the Democratic Party is gearing up for the general election and looking to clear a path to electoral victory in November.…

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