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I’m a Quiet Feminist (And That’s Allowed)

April 5, 2018

By Nicole Merritt, Sometimes I feel like I suck at being a woman. And, no, I’m not looking to change that biological fact about me, but I just feel that I’m not “feminist” enough for other gals. The thing is,…

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12 Tweets from MLK Day in Trump’s America that Will Inspire You — And P*ss You Off!

January 15, 2018

Today is the day America honors the lifetime achievements of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King’s words, his dream for what America could one day become, still resonate even as the 50th anniversary of his assassination approaches later this…

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8 Conservative Values Republicans Can No Longer Claim After Falling In Line Behind Trump

November 22, 2017

Sorry, Republicans – Your Shaky Moral High Ground Has Been Destroyed Altogether Republicans have long since held a core of dearly and fiercely beloved set of central conservative “beliefs” that they trot out in defense of their positions. Republicans are fiscally conservative! Republicans are…

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World’s Longest Running Sci-Fi Show FINALLY Catches Up To Reality With 1st Female Star

July 16, 2017

After months of speculation, we’re finally getting a female doctor. And by that, I mean, a new Time Lord. Jodie Whittaker is now officially the 13th Doctor in the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who. When the show ran originally for 26…

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Hate Trumps Love? Red State Defies Supreme Court To Deny Same-Sex Couples Equal Rights

June 30, 2017

possibly To be Resolved in October sCOTUS ruling With the case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Civil Rights Commission scheduled for Supreme Court arguments this October, you may have believed the last vestiges of legal discrimination against same-sex couples may be coming…

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Trump Official Makes MINDBOGGLINGLY Sexist Remark When Asked About Voter Turnout

November 7, 2016

Digital Director Of Donald Trump Campaign Demeans Women As Moody, Unpredictable One of the least surprising realities of this presidential campaign has been how badly Republican standard bearer and self-proclaimed serial sexual assaulter Donald Trump has struggled in the polls…

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These Republicans Just Moved To Impeach Barack Obama (VIDEO)

May 21, 2016

OKLAHOMA INTRODUCES MEASURE TO IMPEACH OBAMA OVER BATHROOM RIGHTS Oklahoma introduced a measure to impeach President Obama over the administration’s “directive” that trans-gendered students have every right to use whatever bathroom they prefer, and schools should accommodate as necessary. According to…

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Rush Limbaugh Likens Civil Rights Act To Legalizing Rape

May 16, 2016

The Party Of Lincoln Is Dead Someone, please check conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for lead poisoning, because he’s gone off the deep end, more than I thought possible. On the May 13 episode of The Rush Limbaugh Show, a caller expressed…

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Obama To Wallop Right Wing LGBT Hate With Huge Announcement

May 4, 2016

The Stonewall Inn To Receive National Monument Designation To Honor Fight For LGBT Equality As conservative politicians continue passing “religious liberty” laws in an effort to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, many parts of America are moving on a…

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Chris Christie Attacks Women, Disabled, Environment With Vetoes

May 3, 2016

Chris Christie Vetoes ‘Nonsensical’ and ‘very business unfriendly’ Equal pay bill Donald Trump hostage and New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie carried out a disgusting assault on quite a few groups of people with his mighty veto pen over the…

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