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The Trump Effect? Not a ‘Single’ Palestinian Allowed Back to Israel, Def. Minister Declares

June 24, 2017

Israel Takes extreme position On Return of Palestinian Refugees Israel has dramatically risen its tone in regards to Palestinian refugees, with its Defense Minister slamming the door on all displaced Palestinians. Avigdor Lieberman, the ultra-right Israeli Minister of Defense, said during a speech…

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State Department Slams Netanyahu For ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Accusations

September 12, 2016

Rebuke For Netanyahu’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ comment Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to, once again, turn the tables and point fingers at the Palestinians. enjamin Netanyahu tried to, once again, point fingers at the Palestinian people, accusing them of “ethnic…

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Yazidi Former Sex Slaves Take Revenge On DAESH (VIDEO)

February 11, 2016

Thousands Of Former Yazidi Sex Slaves Abused By DAESH Have Formed An All-Female Battalion. A group of Yazidi women call themselves ‘The Force of the Sun Ladies’. They have been forming a battalion of around 2,000 women between the ages…

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1,000 Black Activists Stand With Palestinians, Support Boycott Of Israel

August 20, 2015

When Michael Brown was shot and killed by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, among the first to support protesters were the Palestinian people. They knew what it was like to live with racism, oppression, and the murder of their young…

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Sarah Palin: Planned Parenthood Engages In Ethnic Cleansing

July 30, 2015

Sarah Palin, failed governor, failed vice-presidential candidate, and all-around failed human being has thoughts about Planned Parenthood. Apparently, they engage in ethnic cleansing:  “On Wednesday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was peddling the lie that Planned Parenthood deliberately opens clinics…

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