Fact Check: Did A Truck Driver Kill Six Demonstrators Who Were Protesting Trump?

March 20, 2017

In January, The Seattle Tribune published a story that claimed six people had been killed while blocking a freeway to…

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Former NATO Ambassador Fact Checks Trump’s Ignorant Morning Tweets About the Alliance

March 18, 2017

Former U.S. Ambassador To NATO Ivo Daadler Schools Donald Trump On False Claims Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

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Journalist’s Tweetstorm Debunks Conservative Myth About Meals on Wheels Funding

March 17, 2017

Bloomberg Reporter Polly Mosendz Shreds Myth Only 3% Of Meals On Wheels Funding From Government As news of the Donald…

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FACT CHECK: Police Didn’t Arrest Brawlers Because They’re White

January 2, 2017

False: Kentucky Police Fail To Take Action Against White Brawlers Did thousands of brawlers walk free because of their race?…

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Knocking Right Wing Propaganda Out Of The Park

April 26, 2016

ver at right wing propaganda rag Townhall.com, bought-and-paid for “columnist” Robert Knight, a career right wing propagandist, has a piece up…

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