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To Put It Bluntly, Republicans Are Killing Children Out of Sheer Greed

November 28, 2017

Republicans will be responsible for millions of children losing their health insurance – and for Too Many, Their lives Actions…

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The Shocking Reason Death By Cop Just Surged 428 Percent Above 20-Year High

January 8, 2017

If you believe all life is sacred, it might be tough to understand how the United States has failed so…

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REALLY? Ohio’s GOP Announces Bill To Require Burials Or Cremations For Fetuses

December 21, 2015

How Ohio’s GOP is dragging out the War on Women and Planned Parenthood. After wasting taxpayer money on their pointless¬†Planned…

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State Probes Clear Planned Parenthood, Suit Filed To Stop Dishonest Videos

August 1, 2015

Indiana has completed an investigation of Planned Parenthood (PP) that clears the women’s health organization of any wrongdoing in the…

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