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‘Out for Blood’: FBI Foils Alt-Right Terror Attack by ‘Unite the Right’ Connected Militia Member

August 14, 2017

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, two seemingly ordinary men with a history of serving in the military, detonated a truck bomb near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The result was devastating: over…

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Black Inmate Killed In Most Brutal Way Possible: County Rules It Accidental

January 27, 2016

Florida inmate Darren Rainey dies in locked, scalding-hot shower: Investigators clear him of wrong doing. In June 2012, Darren Rainey, a 50-year old schizophrenic inmate serving two years for a non-violent drug charge at Dade Correctional Facility south of Miami,…

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Cancer Researcher Testifies Against Corrupt NY Lawmaker: I Was ‘Terrified’ (VIDEO)

November 16, 2015

N.Y. Speaker Sheldon Silver got funding for Dr. Robert Taub’s mesothelioma research…But there was a catch. “I was terrified and confused,” 78-year-old Dr. Robert Taub told the court on Nov. 5th. You’d be too, if federal investigators knocked on your door at 6:00…

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The Political Disintegration of Chris Christie

February 7, 2015

Chris Christie hasn’t had the best of weeks. It began when he opened his mouth and emitted word-like sounds about vaccinations. It ended with the launching of a federal investigation into his administration’s firing of an attorney. The latest scandal…

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