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Florida A.G. Who Killed Trump U Probe Starts Cushy Gig on Key Presidential Commission

September 12, 2017

lorida Attorney General Pam Bondi will formally join the White House’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis this week, months after the president appointed her. Bondi remains Florida’s attorney general. She joins the commission just in time…

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REPORT: Trump To Give Florida AG Pam Bondi A White House Job

January 5, 2017

Donald Trump Seems Set To Spark More Controversy By Giving Pam Bondi A Job In The White House In yet another questionable move on the part of Donald Trump, it appears now that he is giving a as of yet…

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Lyin’ Donald: See The Latest In Trump’s Long, Troubling History Of Scams And Frauds (VIDEO)

September 7, 2016

Trump Is A Total Scam Artist Donald Trump is in trouble, and it is becoming clearer that this latest controversy may not go away. The GOP presidential hopeful, who has spent a lot of time during his campaign screaming hysterically…

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BOMBSHELL: Florida AG May Have Just Inadvertently Confirmed Bribe From Trump To Stop Investigation

June 6, 2016

Florida Attorney General Bondi Asked Donald Trump For Money Knowing About Complaints Against Trump U. Late Monday, the Associated Press reported a potential bombshell in a scandal for Donald Trump that is getting really bad, really quickly. Last week, it…

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Alleged Donald Trump Bribery Scandal Gets Worse As Texas Moves To Muzzle Whistleblower

June 4, 2016

Texas AG Issues Cease And Desist To Quiet Former State Employee Exposing Scam Donald Trump has to be getting more and more worried by the day. It appears the situation over his non-university is going from bad to worse and…

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BREAKING: Trump Accused Of Bribing Texas Governor – This Could Send Both Behind Bars (VIDEO)

June 3, 2016

Turns Out Trump Donated Money To The Texas Governor After He Dropped A Fraud Case Over Trump University The Trump University scandal is looking uglier and uglier as it has been revealed that Donald Trump bought off prosecutors who were…

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