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The Official Obama Portraits Were Just Unveiled and the Internet is In Love

February 12, 2018

Yes, of course there’s a contingent of haters for America’s first black President and First Lady (and our last, to date, Democrat POTUS and FLOTUS) fouling up Twitter, because we all know how Republicans love to hate. But there’s a…

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Obama Just Hit Trump Right Where it Hurts—He’s Not Going to Like This

April 28, 2017

Obama Takes A Jab At Trump Former President Barack Obama just hit current President Donald Trump right where it hurts – Trump’s dismal popularity numbers. And, to make it stung even more, he contrasted Trump’s poor showing with the rising popularity of…

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‘Explainer-In-Chief’ Bill Clinton WRECKS Donald Trump With One Perfect Sentence (VIDEO)

September 16, 2016

Bill Clinton Just Has A Way With Words There’s a reason why Bill Clinton remains a beloved figure to Democrats everywhere. With his affable humor, good-old-boy charm and ability to perfectly skewer everything that’s so very wrong with the right,…

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WHOOPS! Fox ‘News’ Just Made The STUPIDEST Mistake While Trying To Make Bill Clinton Look Stupid

July 26, 2016

Fox News producers were all set to smackdown Bill Clinton with a feature on the former president’s blunders just before his speech tonight at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. But as is all too typical of Fox News, they blundered…

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George W. Bush Trashes Obama’s Iran Deal Because He’s So Great At Foreign Policy

April 27, 2015

Over the weekend, George W. Bush trashed Barack Obama’s Iran deal behind closed doors before a group of Jewish Republican donors. This breaks with a decades-long custom of past presidents staying silent on the policies of current presidents to preserve civility. As recently as…

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