White House Goes After Black Reporter’s Job for Tying Trump to Racism

September 13, 2017

The White House Continues its War on the Media The recent Unite the Right Rally in August 2017 provided a…

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IMPEACH! The Arpaio Pardon Seals Either Trump’s Fate, or America’s

August 28, 2017

In an August 22nd Op-Ed for Bloomberg, Harvard Professor Noah Feldman wrote that an Arpaio pardon by President Trump “would…

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‘A Danger to the Constitution’: LA Times Condemns Trump in Scathing Editorial

August 20, 2017

Trump has made an enemy with the la times Free speech is often the most quoted part of the First…

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AG Sessions Launches First Salvo in Devastating Attack on the 1st Amendment

August 4, 2017

Sessions Unveils Plan to Start Harassing Journalists Attorney General Jefferson Bureaugard Sessions III unveiled a new and potentially devastating attack…

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CNN Defies Trump, Takes Bold Action to Defend Freedom of the Press

June 23, 2017

The White House is Sketchy So CNN Sent an Artist Under Donald Trump, the White House has become increasingly allergic…

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Trump Admitted White House Press Briefings Aren’t 100% Accurate, His Solution is Ridiculous

May 12, 2017

Add White House Press Secretary to the List of Positions Trump Wants to Abolish The position of White House Press…

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Trump Official Thanks Police For Arresting Reporter Who Asked the Wrong Questions about Trumpcare

May 11, 2017

journalist arrested for asking questions? When news broke that  journalist Dan Heyman was arrested for allegedly asking Health and Human…

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Trump Whines Media is ‘Officially Out of Control’ – Which is Just as the Founding Fathers Intended

May 4, 2017

Yes, Donald Trump, the Media IS Out of Control. Out of YOUR Control. and That’s the Way it Should be…

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Thin Skinned Trump Just Threatened The First Amendment Because He Can’t Handle Criticism

March 30, 2017

Trump Doesn’t Seem to Care About the First Amendment or Freedom of the Press. He Only Cares About His Ego…

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Dan Rather: You’re Either Against Trumpism, Or Against The Constitution

January 23, 2017

Extraordinary Times: From The Perspective Of A Veteran Journalist Legendary journalist Dan Rather penned a rhetorical call-to-arms, forecasting a dangerous road…

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