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Bernie Sanders Declares War On Wall St.: End Your Greed Or We’ll End It For You (VIDEO)

January 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders vows to get tough on Wall Street if he’s elected president. “To those on Wall Street who might be…

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My Boss Wants Me To Write Something Nice About Hillary

December 27, 2015

Can someone — anyone — please write something nice about Hillary? “For the love of God,” came a cry from the wilderness…

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Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Rid The U.S. Of Loan Sharks AND Save The Postal Service

October 22, 2015

The day following the first Democratic Presidential debate, Senator Bernie Sanders sat down with Fusion and discussed wealth, taxes, and…

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Robert Reich Highlights The Fundamental Differences Between Sanders And Clinton

October 14, 2015

Robert Reich: The Democratic election will be the difference on whether We Avoid another major financial collapse or not Pundits everywhere…

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