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Over 800 Scientists Urgently Demand Trump Take These 6 Critical Steps NOW To Fight Climate Change

December 6, 2016

Climate Scientists Send Open Letter To Donald Trump Pleading For Swift Action On Climate Change There is little doubt one of the biggest concerns from the scientific community about a Donald Trump presidency is his attitude about climate change. Despite…

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The Voiceless Victims Of Standing Rock Have A New Hero

November 24, 2016

n 1970, author Dee Brown published his masterpiece “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, a historical novel that covered the many atrocities the Native American tribes had suffered over the centuries since European colonization. While not the first writer to…

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Reefer Madness: Breathtaking Coral Reefs In Serious Danger From This Environmental Catastrophe

June 21, 2016

Worst coral bleaching in history leaves U.S. reefs in serious danger oral bleaching is destroying large areas of valuable coral reef, including reefs in the northern hemisphere. By the end of 2016, the U.S. is expected to suffer from more bleaching of…

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Watch Teahadist GOP Gov. Rick Scott Weasel Out Of Key Gun Control Question

June 17, 2016

Watching CNN anchor Pamela Brown interview Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Friday was in some ways like watching a boxing match. He repeatedly dodged her questions about how easy it is to buy guns in Florida and instead said the…

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You’ll Wise Up About Climate Change When All Your Sh*t Is Underwater

June 3, 2016

Severe Floods Taking A Toll Around The World Record rainfall in Europe has caused severe floods in Germany and France. In France twenty thousand people have been evacuated  (link in French) due to severe floods including seven thousand and six hundred…

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Escalating Cycle Of Climate Change And Denial Will Have Deadly Consequences

June 2, 2016

A vicious cycle between climate change and denial might have serious consequences The causes, effects and consequences of climate change are not unknown; but still we seem to be in denial that it’s real, and the the costs could be…

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John Kerry Rips Donald Trump’s ‘Unbelievable Contemptuous Ignorance’ On Climate Change

June 2, 2016

The Climate Change Denier-in-Chief The Republican Party long ago committed itself to a position on climate change that is at odds with reality. The question is settled with 97 percent of the scientists who study the subject agreeing that climate…

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What Climate Change Is Doing To These Women Is Unimaginable

May 23, 2016

India’s droughts and climate change hurt women the most For the Republicans it is a myth; for many others it is a matter of serious concern. Climate change is not new and we have come to understand its effects and…

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American Climate Refugees First Of Many In Looming Crisis

May 4, 2016

Americans are now refugees in their own country Americans, especially those living in coastal regions, should be care how they treat refugees – they may well be about to become refugees themselves. In fact, the first Americans already are. The…

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The Keystone Pipeline Republicans Wanted So Badly Has Already Become A Huge Disaster

April 8, 2016

According to a statement released Thursday by TransCanada, the company that operates the Keystone pipeline, up to 16,800 gallons of tar sands crude oil have spilled from the pipeline into a field in South Dakota. That’s a huge increase from…

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