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Unlike 21 Heartless GOP Governors, This Democrat WELCOMES Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

November 17, 2015

While GOP -run states ban Syrian refugees, Washington state’s democratic Gov. Jay Inslee welcomes them with open arms. Still think both parties are the same? Then why is it that 21 callous and xenophobic Republican governors across our nation jump the gun…

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Seven Reasons Why Progressive Teachers And Parents Oppose Common Core (VIDEO)

June 13, 2015

The image above is taken from a scene in a pro Common Core Washington D.C. schools video (see video below) in which people are confused because there are no nationwide standards by which to judge the performance of students. To…

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Strapped GOP Governors Are Raising Taxes — On The Little Guy

January 27, 2015

Now that the GOP has captured a total of 31 statehouses, the governors are facing the massive problem of budget shortfalls that have come from years of conservatives slashing taxes like crazy. In the process, they’ve also cut social spending…

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