GOP Committing Suicide As Down-Ballot Incumbent Campaigns Floundering In Wake Of Trump (VIDEO)

August 25, 2016

Donald Trump’s popularity is sinking in Titanic fashion in North Carolina, and in his free-fall, he may take others in…

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Desperate To Win, Ted Cruz Shames Iowans For Votes

January 30, 2016

Ted Cruz campaign: When you can’t appeal to voters, try shaming voters instead. As Ted Cruz trails Donald Trump by 6.6…

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GOP Strategist: Trump Supporters ‘Childless, Single Men Who Masturbate To Anime’

January 20, 2016

Trump Supporters Are ChildLess, Perverted Otakus According To Pissed Off GOP Strategist Donald Trump supporters aren’t exactly the most respected…

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Toni Matthews is a writer who often blends unapologetic bluntness with playful humor. If you are willfully ignorant of matters that affect disenfranchised citizens while often declaring yourself a good and proud American, she WILL hurt your feelings.