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Indictment alleges Paul Manafort conspired against United States while managing Trump campaign

October 30, 2017

Unsealed Indictment’s timeline of allegations overlaps Manafort’s stint as Trump Campaign Director The first round of indictments in Special Prosecutor…

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Trump’s Twitter panic proves that Mueller’s Russia Probe is giving him Halloween nightmares

October 29, 2017

Like a lousy poker player, Donald Trump has a “tell” that broadcasts his innermost thoughts to anyone paying attention. Whenever…

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Supreme Leader Trump Uses Ego-Stroking ‘Campaign Rally’ to Attack Looming Grand Jury (VIDEO)

August 4, 2017

It’s getting a little old to say that Donald Trump has just suffered through his worst week yet. Because that…

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Watch Fox News ‘Judge’ Fear Monger That Trump Indictments Will Trigger a ‘Real Uprising’

August 4, 2017

It is becoming clearer with every passing day that Donald Trump and his criminal associates are in big trouble. The…

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IT BEGINS: Special Prosecutor Mueller Impanels Trump/Russia Grand Jury – Subpoenas Issued!

August 3, 2017

Trump is Trapped The investigation digging into the 2016 Donald Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia and its intelligence operation to…

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A Letter Written By Coretta Scott King Reminds Us Why Jeff Sessions Is Unfit To Be Attorney General

January 12, 2017

In his time as a U.S. Attorney in Alabama more than 30 years ago, Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee…

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Huge Corporation Sues Black Lives Matter For Interrupting Their White Privilege (VIDEO)

December 22, 2015

If Black Lives Matter protesters stop interrupting Mall of America’s profits, will the rich and powerful owners demand an end to racism…

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BOMBSHELL: Report Alleges Key Ferguson Witness Was Nowhere Near Shooting

December 16, 2014

A bombshell investigative report at The Smoking Gun claims to have unmasked “Witness 40” as Sandra McElroy, and alleges she…

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An Unjust History Doesn’t Just Go Away

December 8, 2014

America’s History Of Systemic Racism Has Never Disappeared As we remember Martin Luther King Jr., it is important to acknowledge…

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