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Trump Wouldn’t Let Most Trump Supporters Immigrate To America. Would You Be Let In?

August 8, 2017

Under the RAISE Act, Most Trump Supporters Wouldn’t Be Allowed Into The United States “President” Donald Trump is openly supporting…

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Stunning New Poll Shows Just How Strongly Americans Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

June 20, 2017

Trump’s travel ban might be just as unpopular as he is Pres. Trump’s two attempts at enacting a travel ban…

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Thanks Trump: Law Abiding Family Man Faces Deportation After ICE Screwup (VIDEO)

April 5, 2017

Edwin Reyes-Guillen is a quiet family man who, until recently, lived in Durham, North Carolina. He’s not a bar-hopper and…

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‘WRONG!’ Trump’s ‘Evidence’ Of Voter Fraud Actually Disproves His Claim

January 26, 2017

Trump’s ‘Evidence’ Of Voter Fraud Is A Joke Donald Trump has been yammering about “voter fraud” ever since he got…

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Pope Francis Has A Powerful Message For Those Who Fear Immigrants And Refugees (VIDEO)

November 20, 2016

Pope Francis is voicing concerns over the uptick in anti-immigrant bigotry in Europe and elsewhere. This is harming the weakest…

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Paul Ryan Is The Latest Victim In The Right-Wing’s War On Sanity

December 23, 2015

Paul Ryan Is Already Too Reasonable For Republicans Well now… that didn’t take long. Paul Ryan only picked up his…

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Shocking Video From Campaign Event Reveals The Terrifying Future Of Trump’s America (VIDEO)

October 24, 2015

Trump supporter caught on video assaulting an immigration protester as the crowd cheers him on. Last week the New York…

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George Stephanopoulos Obliterates Bloviating Trump

August 24, 2015

Donald Trump rose quickly to the top of the GOP heap with bluster, bulls#!t, and bloviation and for the most…

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Texas Is Trashing The Rights Of Babies To Harass Their Immigrant Mothers

July 16, 2015

UPDATED: 7/26/15 4:24 PST Conservatives love the Constitution, except when they don’t. They love 2/3 of the Second Amendment when…

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Mexican Laborer DESTROYS Donald Trump With Scorching Response To Racist Remarks (VIDEO)

July 5, 2015

When 2016 GOP hopeful Donald Trump made those racist remarks against Mexicans, he should have known there’d be hell toupée.  “[Mexico is]…

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