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Huge Announcement from Major Psychiatrist’s Group Is Very Bad News for Trump

July 26, 2017

resident Donald Trump’s mental health is now an issue in our nation’s life. The American Psychoanalytic Association told its members in an email this month that they do not need to refrain from making statements about the mental health of…

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Dozens Of Doctors Publicly Declare Trump ‘Incapable Of Serving Safely’ In Stunning Letter To NYT

February 17, 2017

President Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger Doctors are openly breaking ranks to declare President Donald Trump as mentally unfit to serve as President. Mental health professionals, bound by the ethics of what is called the Goldwater Rule, described…

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Johns Hopkins’ Top Psychologist Diagnoses President Trump And It’s Terrifying

January 28, 2017

The Trump Diagnosis Breaking from all rules and traditions, a top psychologist from the respected Johns Hopkins University diagnosed President Donald Trump. Doctors don’t diagnose patients without actually meeting them. Called the Goldwater Rule, it’s an the American Psychiatric Association’s…

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